About Cities for CEDAW

Cities for CEDAW is a campaign to protect the rights of women and girls by passing ordinances establishing the principles of CEDAW in cities and towns across the United States

The campaign was launched at a meeting of the UN Commission on the Status of Women in 2013 by the NGO Committee on the Status of Women (NGO/CSW NY) that supports the work of the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women and UN Women.

NGO/CSW NY created “Cities for CEDAW” and joined with two founding partners: The Women’s Intercultural Network (WIN) and The San Francisco Department on the Status of Women (DOSW). In 2015, The Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights joined the campaign to help build capacity and provide educational resources to inform and mobilize individuals to take action in their local areas to promote adoption of CEDAW principles for the Cities for CEDAW campaign.

The campaign is a grassroots effort that provides tools and leadership to empower local women’s, civil and human rights organizations and municipalities to effectively initiate CEDAW within their city, county, town, or state. These ordinances work to ‘make the global local’ and protect women and girls by requiring three key components: a gender analysis of city departments and operations; an oversight body to monitor the implementation of a local CEDAW ordinance; and funding to support the implementation of the principles of CEDAW.

Adopting CEDAW as local law has been proven to effectively address barriers that reduce the quality of life and equity of opportunity for women and girls.

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(Source: Cities for CEDAW)